When it comes to 1031 exchanging, nothing is more important than having timely access to expertise when you need it. That's why we've amassed the top legal, tax, and investment real estate experts to assist us in creating the absolute best information and diligence for Exchangers and their Advisors, The VELOCITY 1031 PODCAST!.

Investment Real Estate
Kyle Williams
Seattle, Washington

There has never been a time for investment property owners, when access to timely advice and proven strategies, especially regarding the taxation and performance issues surrounding transactions, has not been a front burner item for investors. With the substantial growth of equity as well as the corresponding increasing tax exposure, property owners are now facing a critical decision making matrix. Do I sell and take the tax hit, or do I attempt a 1031 exchange and expose myself to the stressful timelines, hoping I can find a suitable replacement property within an ever shortening 45 day identification window?

Well, now there is hope! Hope in the form of a weekly podcast where informed professionals can weigh in on all the issues and deliver sound strategies and suggestions, proven through thousands of iterations, that can keep that equity in your pocket and not in the treasury in DC. We generally stream on Friday mornings, but if you can't make it live, check this page often to view archived episodes from the leading luminaries in investment real estate. Individuals who have cracked the code for themselves and who are willing to shgare their expertise with the rest of us. We hope you join us!

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  • Experts from the 1031 exchange space

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Washington state law, RCW 19.310.040, requires an exchange facilitator to either maintain a fidelity bond in an amount of not less than one million dollars that protects clients against losses caused by criminal acts of the exchange facilitator, or to hold all client funds in a qualified escrow account or qualified trust that requires your consent for withdrawals. All exchange funds must be deposited in a separately identified account using your taxpayer identification number. You must receive written notification of how your exchange funds have been deposited. Your exchange facilitator is required to provide you with written directions of how to independently verify the deposit of the exchange funds. Exchange facilitation services are not regulated by any agency of the state of Washington or of the United States government. It is your responsibility to determine that your exchange funds will be held in a safe manner.

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